All Staff: If you were hired prior to 6/1/2021 you need to take an Abuse & Neglect Prevention and Reporting Class. You may take the Oregon Care Partners/Relias Class or you may listen to the Investigations webinar below and take quiz. If you pass the quiz it will meet the requirement.

Caregivers: Watch the Root Cause Analysis Training and Take the Quiz.

Med Aides & RCCs: Watch the training and take the quiz for all sections.

  • Your quiz is proof of completing the training.
  • You must pass the quiz with 80% or higher.
  • You may watch the training and retake a quiz as many times as needed to pass.

If you are having trouble accessing the training or taking a quiz call, text or email Rebecca:


Root Cause Analysis Training

Root Cause Analysis Training

CLICK HERE to take the Quiz for Root Cause Analysis Training

Change of Condition Training

Changes of Condition

CLICK HERE to take the Quiz after you watch the Change of Condition training.

Investigations Training

Investigations Training

CLICK HERE to take the Quiz for the Investigations, Preventing and Reporting Abuse & Neglect Training