Nurse Delegation

Are your delegations in compliance?

Consulting Resources can teach your RN how to do nurse delegation properly and can arrange for RNs to do nurse delegation for your community on an interim or long-term basis.

  • Does your nurse know and understand nurse delegation?
  • Is your staff performing delegated tasks in a safe manner?
  • Has your nurse completed all of the required steps of nurse delegation?

Interim Registered Nurse Coverage

Are you in need of Nursing Services?

Consulting Resources can arrange for registered nurses to assist your community who can accomplish more in less time. Unlike in-house nurses, they do not get bogged down in politics or non health related issues or tasks and are able to get straight to business—caring for the residents. They are skilled in:

  • Nurse Delegation and Assessing Changes of Condition
  • Providing Input to Service Plans
  • Teaching Staff Safe Medication Administration.
  • Interim RN Coverage

When hiring new staff, Consulting Resources can help your facility provide seamless services during transitions by developing strong orientation, training, and competency checks. We can also show you how to monitor changes of condition and trend data to reduce the number of accidents and incidences. Other consultation services include, but are not limited to, strengthening reporting structures, nurse delegation, documentation and Interim RN coverage. 

Service Plans

Could your Service Plans be improved?

The experts at Consulting Resources can help your facility develop clear and accurate service plans for all residents to ensure they are given the emotional and physical care they need. During review periods, we can make necessary updates as required by law.

Assessment Forms and Tools

Do you have the tools you need to assess potential residents?

Before accepting a new resident, it is important to gather all the necessary information up front to determine whether your is a safe match or not. Consulting Resources has forms and tools to thoroughly assess needs and preferences. Some areas explored are:

  • daily routines
  • medication
  • mobility
  • fall risk
  • smoking
  • competencies