Approved State Mandated Consultant

Do you need a consultant?

We are experienced, state approved consultants and can help your facility with any state mandated consulting from assisting with a new operation to deficiency corrections. Our experts will assist your team in developing effective systems and processes to achieve compliance.

Mock or Pre-Surveys

Is your facility ready for Survey?

Does your facility comply with state and/or federal regulations? Are your staff following policies and procedures?  Do not wait to find out until there is a problem! Consulting Resources provides thorough audits and identifies where changes need to take place. 

Upon completion of the review, your facility will receive a verbal exit conference and a written report with findings. We can also provide internal plans on how to make corrections or improvements based on tried and true healthcare best practices. 

  • Effectively prepare for, navigate through, and respond to surveys by collaborating with Consulting Resources. 
  • We will walk you through how to recognize and mitigate operations and administrative gaps.

Crisis Management and Troubleshooting

What is keeping your facility from success?

Responding to unfavorable survey results can be a challenge, especially when there is need for quick turnaround. Consulting Resources can help you get the job done fast without compromising quality for resident and staff safety. 

We look at the whole picture by analyzing systems. We drill down on the issues, make recommendations, and provide tools to lead you towards sustained compliance. Our in-depth approach will give you the roadmap to fix current issues and the foresight to identify potential risks.

  • Let us help you increase your facility’s efficiency!

Plan of Correction and Informal Dispute Resolution

Need to correct a Survey Deficiency?

Your facility was cited for deficiencies. Some claims were accurate and others were not. What is the next step? The experts at Consulting Resources can help you develop a solid plan of correction for problem areas. For inaccurate findings, we can help you identify information that you have to refute the citation and assist you in preparing your IDR presentation. Get tongue-tied? We can attend your IDR and assist with your presentation of facts.

  • We will help you manage your Plans of Correction with Confidence!